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Школы, детские сады и ясли

Школы, детские сады и ясли

KAIQI established the "China KAIQI Preschool Education Research Center" to provide kindergartens with overall solutions from construction planning, teacher training to education operations, and continue to empower schools, kindergartens, and early education centers to innovate and develop, and promote children's morality, intelligence, physical fitness, art and labor are fully developed, and gain new knowledge in sports and play.


At the same time, KAIQI developed a series of high-quality desks and chairs for the kindergarten. This series of products use a new material for the design of the edging, which can effectively protect the safety of children. KAIQI not only pursues novel and unique design, but also constantly introduces new products in product functions, take the book keepers in train theme for example, it uses new materials for innovative designs. This new type of material is laminate that inert and does not support microbial growth. Breed to protect the safety of children playing in school.

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